Design Review

Covenant Requirements, By-laws, & the Design Review Committee

As Lazy TH property owners, you have a responsibility to ensure that any construction project that modifies the appearance of your property is in compliance with the Lazy TH Covenants and By-laws. The covenants say that any change you make to the exterior of your home, outbuilding, fence or other structure needs to be reviewed and approved by the Design Review Committee (DRC).

Please review the covenants thoroughly before you begin any project, and pay particular attention to Articles IV, V, and VI: Lazy TH Covenants

It will also be helpful to refer to the By-laws if you have any questions about your project: Lazy TH By-Laws 10-1-18Lazy TH By-Laws Appendix 10-1-18

The Design Review Request Form 

After reviewing the covenants and By-laws, please submit this completed form (available for download, below) and any support information you have for your project to Legacy Properties. Legacy Properties and/or the Lazy TH Design Review Committee may ask you for additional information. The DRC will recommend approval or disapproval of the project based on compliance with the covenants. The DRC and/or Legacy Properties will respond, in writing, either approving or disapproving of the project.

Examples of projects requiring approval by the DRC include, but are not limited to:

  • New construction of homes, outbuildings, fences or any other permanent structure
  • Additions to homes, outbuildings, fences, decks or other structures
  • Area limitations of home and outbuildings
  • Property line set-back requirements for all permanent structures on your property, including fences, decks, kennels or other animal enclosures and other similar structures

2020-2021 Design Review Committee:

Alex Chimbos
Kezia Engell
Andy Rowe

Please submit your Design Review Request Form to Legacy Properties at:

Kathi Thorson,

288 Haley Springs Drive, Suite 2B, Bozeman, MT 59718
Phone: (406) 577-1470

Lazy TH Design Review Request Form